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3 Weird yet Unique wedding destinations

Weddings are indeed a memorable event in our lives. Wedding destinations play a significant role too. But few people want to make it unique by getting married in a weird place.

Here are some of these:

1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, Arkansas.

Did you know that people will be having their wedding in a haunted house?
Strange right?

Here is a place called ‘1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, which is additionally referred to as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel,” there will be a Victorian-style retreat in the evening at this hostel. The associate in nursing Irish stonemason named Michel, who died in a hotel in 1865, is a famous ghost. Theodora, who died during her stay in this hotel, might ask you for her room keys and Morris the cat, which might haunt you at the foot of your bed in your sleep. It’s is a famous and spooky hotel where people get ghost tours for the guests.

Crescent Hotel and Spa

Green Valley Ranch, Coram, Montana

Green Valley Ranch is an inexpensive place that has an ice mass national park in the north. This destination is worth dreaming of, a foreign and wild setting that does not compromise Luxury: Darci Greenwood, an artist director of Greenwood events, said it is a historic proper with woodsy hills rolling and spectacular views of mountains. He adds that Green Valley is a stunning and supernatural place. There aren’t many noise restrictions. So, you can party all night and lodge all the amenities you like wherever you want to get your rustic wedding dream come true.


The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

Yet another Haunted hotel!

There is no way for romance embarrassment, and when it’s Queen Mary, with its stern-side ceremonies and stately space. Abroad slots are the last word example. Within 30 years, there was a report of a minimum of 49 deaths on board. They say that the ship is haunted with plenty of spirits still lurking. Two men in the crew were crushed to death by the UN agency by Door 13; engineers had placed the door 50 feet below water level, and hence, it is the most haunted place on the ship.

You might see a woman in 1930’s style around the pool in bathing suits or hear the guffawing of the slight touch named Jackie around the inferior pool where she was sunk.


Some strange things like a tall man in a suit, a woman in a white dress, screaming and high-pitched squeals, doors slamming suddenly, and temperature changes are all seen in this place. Without a doubt, this place was known in one of every 10 Most Haunted Places by Times magazine.

The Pimp, Bangkok, Thailand

How about getting married on stage at Asia’s most famous Gentleman Club surrounded by Thailand’s hottest bikini models dressed up in white cosplay lingerie as your “Virgin Bride?”

Why The PIMP Bangkok is Still The #1 Gentlemen Club in Bangkok? | Bangkok  Nightlife

These models are surely not virgins and the event is sure to drive the bride crazy unless your goal is to select the sexiest models for a Dream Honeymoon.

The Pimp Club in Bangkok is one weirdest places we ever heard to “tie the knot! “

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